Mallorca enjoy ...

... the dream island with addiction.

Mallorca offers you much more than sun and beach.

A fascinating magic, from the first breath to Mallorca attracts you into its spell. The excellent accessibility in Europe, the incomparable beauty of the landscapes, a charismatic capital, the incomparable atmosphere with a historic ambience combines.
Enjoy pure quality of life and charm of this low Mediterranean island in any season.
Especially in the off-season, Mallorca offers an incredible atmosphere of calm, mild climate and an original composure. Deserted beaches are perfect for long walks.
Mallorca, which is 3,640 km² paradise with over 550 km of coastline. The beauty of the landscape culminates in the north, where the rugged Serra de Tramuntana, dominated by the highest mountain in the Balearic Islands, the Puig Major (1,445 m), the enthusiastic visitors from Andratx to Formentor.

South of the island opens out with its gentle elevations and the fertile central plains to the sea, in the form of countless bays with crystal clear water and sandy beaches.

The wide bay of Palma, in which is reflected the capital, completes the picture of an island, can be found on all the variations of the Mediterranean landscape. Mallorca enjoys a mild climate with an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and about 320 days of sunshine per year.
Even from the most distant point of Europe is only a few hours flight to Mallorca. The Son Sant Joan airport is one of the most modern in Europe with a multiple offer and very good service. Mallorca also has regular ferry services to the mainland, Ibiza and Menorca.
Experience the beautiful countryside on foot at ausedehnten walks, rides in a convertible or on a motorcycle trip, for example, with a legendary Harley-Davidson.

Mallorca can be experienced in many different ways. Widespread travel package deals have little to do with the absolute rest in a beach house or in a comfortable country property. Especially in recent years, many Mallorcan have decided to offer their summer homes in the vacation rental.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating way to spend a while in Mallorca. Stunning property and gain unforgettable moments - for a lifetime.
Off some heavily populated tourist areas of Mallorca Originally this hidden architectural gems that is worth discovering. To find them, you choose the best roads. To discover hidden coves, restored windmills, chapels and picturesque mountain villages. About 40% of the island are protected and theSerra Tramintan is world heritage site since 2011.
Mallorca is a perfect example of the juxtaposition of past and present. An exceptional heritage with monuments such as the ancient Roman town of Pollensa and Alcudia, the cathedral in Palma and Bellver Castle in perfect harmony with modern infrastructure and customized luxury.
In parallel to its extensive tourism infrastructure Mallorca has developed a wide range of sports and leisure activities. The mild climate and the quality of modern institutions enjoy more active holidays. For this purpose, any water sports, air sports, including golf on the best courses and cycling. Furthermore, the island has a dolphinarium, an aquarium, sailing and diving schools and an almost unbelievable variety of boat trips. Treat yourself in Majorca is the perfect combination of relaxing and being active.
The handicrafts of Mallorca has many industrial past into the 21st Century salvaged. In factories and workshops, many of which are open to visitors, traditional techniques are maintained: glassblowing, pottery, iron forging, olive oil production and wine. Even the leather processing and footwear, faux pearls and hand-made sausages are very active. If you have time, you do not miss the beautiful local markets in the villages. On them can be discovered Mallorca craft wealth.
From the initial and modest farmhouse kitchen are the old recipes that are celebrated today in restaurants and tapas bars and combine influences from around the Mediterranean in itself. Heart of the regulations and a guarantee of taste and health is the olive oil. Pork, fish and seafood along with vegetables, herbs and dried fruits, the basis of countless dishes. From a simple but delicious pa amb oli (bread with oil and olives) to the Sopa Mallorquin, the legendary Ensaimada to the typical sobrasada.
Mallorca is a haven for gourmets and connoisseurs of the moment. Take majorcan moments in your daily lives back home.

Daydreams expressly allowed.

The many small bars and cafes to lure an entertaining respite, together with typical Majorcan and friendly service.
Typical Majorcan products also enjoy at home.
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Mallorca also boasts excellent bodegas (wineries). Be sure to sample the local wines, they need to compare with the international competition does not really shy. After eating, drinking on the island like to have a hierbas, a typical Majorcan herbal liqueur.
Mallorca is always worth a trip, even a short trip will be an unforgettable experience. "Survive" many of our customers with the daily grind and stress Graune days with indescribable feelings which burns a Majorca holiday in our memory.

Life can be so beautiful, and it often is not much you need!